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What if I told you there was a very simple way you could spend more time with your family starting this Christmas? What if I told you it wouldn’t cost you a cent? What if I told you there was a simple way to get up to four extra hours every day with your loved ones? Would your family benefit from this extra time?
All you have to do is get rid of your TV.


Well, I didn’t say you wouldn’t have to sacrifice a little. But by the end of this article you will see that the benefits of giving up your TV far outweigh the costs. It may seem like a difficult task, but it is not really. It just takes a little discipline and creativity to fill the time.

Join many other families who have given up TV

Many families have given up TV. My family did it. Madonna’s family did it. I felt so strongly about my decision I created a website about it. That is also why I am reaching out to you now. So you and your family can experience the benefits. Trust me, your family can function without a TV too and be happier and healthier to boot.
Would you rather miss time with your family or time watching TV?

I realize that this still might be a scary prospect for many. The average person watches four hours a day and the average family has the TV on for over seven hours a day. It can be a significant change. However, think what you are giving up with your family when you spend this much time in front of the TV. Think about what your family’s life might be like without TV to get a better picture of what you and your family are missing.

Breakfast without TV

When everyone is in a hurry to get to school or work, morning can become very hectic. I know. TV only adds to the distraction. If there is no TV blaring children are more likely to cooperate in getting ready. There may even be time for an old-fashioned family breakfast. At least your family will have more time for pleasant good-byes as they all start their day.

After School without TV

Instead of after school cartoons, which are often filled with violence, send kids outside to play. Kids need to play. They are so much happier when they have a chance to run around and burn off energy. And parents need to play too. Join your kids in a game of soccer or basketball. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Go for a family bike ride. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. You can even drag some friends away from their TV’s, gameboys, and computers and all play together. With all that exercise, you and your family should build up quite an appetite, don’t you think?

Dinner without TV

After so much fun and exercise your family will be ready for a healthy dinner. Remember, they haven’t been watching TV commercials for Crunchy Tasty Pops and other junk food. So, don’t spoil this time by turning on the TV like over half of all families do. Eat together and talk about your day. Connect with one another and discuss any problems or concerns that may have come up during the day. When you know what problems your children are facing you can better nip them in the bud. Then, you can plan all the fun activities your family will do the next weekend.

Chores without TV

Now imagine your family finishing dinner and cleaning up together. Ok, I realize chores aren’t the most popular or enjoyable family activity. And you may not wish to mention chores when you are selling this “Family Time” plan to the rest of your family. But just imagine how much easier it will be to get everyone to pitch in when the TV is OFF.

Prime Time without TV

After a healthy dinner and chores is a “prime time” for families to connect with some fun activities. Depending on your family, this time could be either laid back or exciting. You could play board games, do puzzles, read, or cuddle for a more laid back evening. Or you could dance, have pillow fights, or even have ticklefests for fun and excitement. You could even go for an evening walk and look at all the strange glows coming from other houses where the families are staring at their TVs like zombies.

Late night without TV

Once the kids are in bed, you and your spouse will have a perfect chance to connect. I don’t think I need to paint a picture about what that time might be like. You can use your own imagination. But after going this far without watching TV I would hope you wouldn’t turn it on at this point!
Then, naturally, after such a great, fun-filled day you will be ready AND have time for a full night’s sleep.

Your Family without TV

Now, do you think your family might be happier with the above routine? Think they might grow healthier over time? Each family is different. What routine your family settles on will probably be a little different. My family’s routine doesn’t quite match up with the above, especially when it comes to chores, but we have a lot more time to connect and the kids do play outside often.

Use your imagination to develop a routine tailored for YOUR FAMILY. Then you will be ready to give your family the gift of quality family time this Christmas. Next Chrismas you will wonder how families find the time to watch TV.


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