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10 DIY Cocktails For 4th Of July Party Ideas


Mix up your own DIY cocktails for 4th of July with this roundup of ideas and recipes for boozy drinkings that will boost your party!

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| Drinks, grilling, and patriotism…what could be better? Better could be being a entirely prepared host of the most smashing Fourth of July party in the neighborhood!

Where do you start you ask? You’ll adore these 4th-of-July ways to” dress up your drink” from Handmaker of Things. You will especially go gaga over the fireworks-decorated picks!

2. 4th of July Fruity Ice Drinks

| Hosting a Fourth of July party can be really stressful when combing the Internet for really cool cocktail recipes( trust us, we did it ).

So, you’re not in the mood for liquor? That’s okay. You can construct these freshening fruity ice drinkings from Mom.me instead.

You might also want to substitute the champagne for Sprite!

3. 4th of July Drink Recipe: Spiked Lemonade


We’re here to bring you party cocktail ideas to get the ball rolling. From sweet and citrusy, to soft and strong, we’ve got you covered!

How about this cool spiked lemonade. Check out how to spike the punch…er…the lemonade this 4th Of July over at Free People.

4. Pop Rocks Shooters

| There is no escape the red, white, and blue stuff this 4th of July, although we don’t mind. In fact, we look forward to food, decoration, and drinks in the iconic colors.

When it comes to cocktails, this one’s a true red, white, and blue layered beverage with a pop of candy stones. Check out how to build these cute cocktails over at The Decorated Cookie.

5. Fireball Whiskey Cocktails

| Find out how to light up your night with these Americana’ themed Fireball whiskey DIY cocktails over at Better Recipes. It’s a super easy recipe but you can make it classy with a garnish of hot tamale cinnamon candies.

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You’ll love these snacks by Homemade Recipes!

Planning your 4th of July party? Don’t forget #desserts! Here are some great recipes: http :// t.co/ BV3D45liJg pic.twitter.com/ mZfFLSELuq

— Homemade Recipes (@ BestHomeRecipes) June 24, 2015

6. 4th of July Watermelon Mojito

| I pledge allegiance to … white rum. You’ll find yourself asking,” Why is all the rum gone ?” You is to be able to with this lovely watermelon mojito recipe.

Help yourself to the recipe at Creative-Culinary along with other 4th of July recipes you may consider on your menu.

7. Make-Ahead Frozen Fruit Daiquiris

| Summer cocktails are also perfect for your 4th of July party. So check out all of these gorgeous and delicious-looking frozen drink specials over at The Yummy Life.

If you plan to party into the night, take easy with these homemade recipes for make-ahead frozen fruit daiquiris.

What is a Daiquiri? A cocktail or a family of cocktails which contains rum, lime juice, sugar, or other sweeteners.

8. Sparkling Red, White, Blue 4th of July Sangria

| Know how to stimulate some slammin’ Sangria with this 4th of July inspired drinking idea from Gimme Some Oven. To make it perfect for the 4th of July, add raspberries, strawberries, and star-shaped apples.

9. Red, Wine,& Blue Summer Spritzer

| With only four ingredients and three steps to making this cocktail, you cannot whip up anything easier than this. For your 4th of July BBQ, these kinds of summer drinks couldn’t be any more perfect.

1 0. Mixed Berry Rum Slushies

| With the hot summertime sun joining in on the fun, you’ll need these ideas for 4th of July cocktails. With so much on your hands, you are able to also love to know, you can prepare this berry slushy ahead of time.

Still looking for more? Then why not try this 4th of July spiked bomb pop from the Tipsy Bartender 😛 TAGEND

You can perhaps overlook your drinks for other occasions but definitely not for your 4th of July party. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a laid back BBQ or a party well into the night, you need beverages to keep your guests going.

With these recipes for DIY Cocktail for 4th of July, you got a plan. Mix some up today for the one or ones you will have on your 4th of July menu!

Do you have an awesome recipe you would like to share? Just leave a comment below and don’t forget to share these cocktail recipes with your friends!

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