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Nursery Activity Ideas – Little Market Day Nursery


Nursery Activities –

Here’s a breakdown of the nursery activities we offer based on your child’s age.

The Baby Bear Room is for Three Months to Two Years –

This room is calm, warm and relaxed, offering your child and family a safe place and a range of engaging activities which line up with the requirements of the EYFS. Each child’s routine is based on what they do at home meaning that sleep and meal times are flexible and do vary.
All the equipment, toys and nursery activities are stage and age appropriate and are risk assessed. Through staff observation, your child’s interests and next steps are seen and activities are also planned around this.

The Mini Bug Room is for Two Years to Three Years –

In this room children can confidently explore activities that are based around the EYFS in a safe, stimulating and warm environment. There are a variety of activities for them to work through both indoors and outdoors.
Exciting opportunities are available for your child such as learning new languages like Turkish and Punjabi which are included into their daily routine.
We work closely with parents to encourage and support children as they achieve milestones like toilet training.

The Butterfly Room is for Three Years to Five Years –

This room provides a stimulating environment for your child to enjoy through various activities. There’s also a sensory area (which is available to all children), an outdoor garden which gives them plenty of room to move around.
The children get to build on their previous knowledge by developing new interests and trying out new experiences such as learning languages like French and Spanish.

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