Home Videos Disaster Charity Relief Kids Helping Others fun ideas crafts and family activities

Disaster Charity Relief Kids Helping Others fun ideas crafts and family activities


Disaster Charity Relief Kids fun ideas crafts and family activities
Even kids can be involved in Giving to others during times of need.

We had a recent disaster from bad flooding in the mountains. The president and his wife came to help.

We are volunteering and helping people in Central America.
Find out the cool ideas and activities we do for fun, and even the businesses we’ve started.
See how we , start mini businesses, bake bread, make Godzilla movies, candy, goodies, simple cooking for kids, rescue animals and horses, make bunnie crafts and even how we play with our crazy Claire dogs, like Macho, Dixie, and Charli here on our channel. We’re having a blast. Join us!
Finally, no more bored kids!
No more asking 'what can we do next?'
We've found the solution!: Making activities, crafts, hobbies, and little money making businesses for our children based on what They like to do. A true parent survival guide a kids version of rossan paisano cooking show and mini babysitter all in one!
Now we're here to share. Actually, our children would like to share their fun activities, ideas, crafts and mini businesses with your children. From slideshow powerpoint presentations featuring old school Godzilla monsters, to cooking videos, and rainy day activities for bored kids.
Watch them not even notice that it's a rainy day and 'there's nothing to do outside'. Your children will have hours of fun and ideas on crafts, and things to do that have already proven a hit with other kids.
Perfect for imaginative kids who have too much time on their hands. Finally, some cool activities, ideas, crafts, and mini businesses all for bored you tube kids
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