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This Herd Of 51 Horses Show Off How Happy They Are As One Huge Family


This breathtaking video shows just how brilliant and loving these amazing animals truly are. Everyone loves horses, but getting to see them behave like this is truly a dream come true.

The beautiful herd of horses are lovingwild and free just as these huge animals deserve to live. While they have human contact and are used to seeing humans, these animals are living the best of both worlds; their humans are ensuring their safety all while they get to run about on acres and acres of gorgeous grassland!

It’s hard to believe that there are actually people out there in the world who don’t believe that these animals have feelings, because when you watch their body language it becomes obvious just how happy they are.

With their tiny babies running alongside them, this big family will always look out for each other, and with the knowledge that there are loving and friendly humans nearby to look after them, this video is about as perfect as it can get.

A few of those little baby horses look less than a week old, have you ever seen something this beautiful before in your life? Wouldn’t you just love to have been here to watch them all run together in person? Thank goodness for the amazing people who are taking such good care of these perfect animals!

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