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This Family Wanted The American Dream, But Ended Up Building A Nightmare House


Thomas Whaley once said, “My new house, when completed, will be the handsomest, most comfortable and convenient place in town or within 150 miles of here.” As it turns out, it’s also the most haunted!

In 1857, Thomas Whaley and his wife Anna moved into a new home they’d built from scratch in San Diego, California. If they would’ve known about the death and destruction that was to befall their family, they would’ve turned and ran.

Almost immediately, the family began to hear strange noises and footsteps. They soon learned that their property used to be a graveyard and that it was also where criminal James “Yankee Jim” Robinson was hanged. However, all of this was nothing compared to the horrors that were to come.

The Whaley House has been certified as the most haunted house in America by the United States Commerce Department. But in 1857, the stunning property was a dream come true for the Whaleys and their six children.

Thomas Whaley moved to San Diego from New York with big plans. After constructing his home, he decided to open Whaley’s general store on the property and house the city’s first commercial theater on the second floor. Things were looking up for the family.


Sadly, the good times were short-lived. Just one year after moving in, Thomas Whaley Jr. died of scarlet fever. He was only 18 months old. Shortly thereafter, a fire consumed the general store, forcing the family off the property while repairs were made.

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