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Terrified Man Wakes Up To Find A Family Of Bears In His House


There’s something so strange about seeing animals that are normally found in the wilderness in a domestic place. It’s just a little bit jarring and definitely more than a little bit frightening depending on the animal.

On a scale of one to 10, finding a koala in your house is pretty low. They just seem to have a good reputation and their little faces are just so cute.

This woman seemed to have no problem when she walked into her home and found a very serious koala attempting to climb a pole. The koala has almost no reaction to being caught, he just focuses right back on the task at hand. It’s so funny!

A bit scarier than finding a koala? Finding a bear.

Bears have been known to find themselves in a number of unusual places, like this little cub who found himself in the aisle of a convenience store.He’s so cute!

With homeowner Rodney Ginn, a bump in the night turned out to be a curious mama bear and her two cubs. Ginn pulled out his phone to film the bears, and that’s when the mother started climbing the staircase toward him.

As soon as she reaches the top of the stairs, she can be seen moving forward in Ginn’s direction, and that’s where the video ends.

Ginn locked himself in his room until the coast was clear!

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