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Grandma Tries On A Sumo Suit For Her Family, Has The Time Of Her Life When She Sees Herself


Who says dressing up in a costume is only reserved for Halloween?

This silly grandma was asked to try on an inflatable costume by one of her family members. The costume happened to be a round sumo suit, not exactly a grandmas first choice.

But when she agreed to wear the suit, it resulted in a hilarious display. Lets just say she ended up liking it a little more than anyone had expected.

First, she waddled into the living room with a smile, still getting used to the costume. Once she got the hang of it, she knew it was time for her to strut her stuff for her family.

She sank into her favorite armchair, danced around, and shared a few big laughs with her family, all while wearing the massive Halloween costume. Her antics inthe sumo suit were too much to handle for some of her relatives.

In fact, her entire family was in a constant state of chuckling. They simply couldnt get enough of their grandma dressed up as a sumo wrestler, walking around the room just to bring smiles to their faces.

Just looking down at her new body was enough to make this grandma giggle herself.

“I can barely make it down the hallway,” she joked.

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