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Family Reunited With Their Dog Thanks To Social Media


How many times have you seen a post on social media about a missing or found animal?

I see posts like this almost every day! After liking the posts that are about an animal being found, I usually continue to scroll through my social media newsfeed. But have you ever been looking at one of these posts and realized it was about your own animal?

A central Iowa family had this exact situation happen to them after their beloved dog, Cutter, went missing. Turns out, the dog had been found close to Des Moines!

A good samaritan called Aheinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport to come and pick up an injured dog. No one is entirely sure, but it appears the dog had been hit by a car after accidentally getting out of his home.

Cutter had traveled over 17 miles away from home. The rescue group knew this dog must be loved and posted about him after he was rushed into emergency surgery.

That was when Angela and her husband Darrell saw the viral social media post and realized someone had found their pup! Right away they rushed as fast as they could to pick up their dog and by the look on Cutter’s face, he was very happy to finally be reunited with his parents!

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