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Family Finds Crying Puppies In A Dark Hole Under The House, Then Firefighters Climb Down


It’s always sad to see the helplessness of newborn puppies put into perspective.

Yes, we know that, like all newborns, they are extremely dependent on their mother and aren’t really capable of doing anything themselves. But knowing something is completely different than seeing it with your own eyes.

When you see a tiny puppy in a bad situation, completely unable to help himself out of it, it really starts to resonate with you.

It falls on everyone to make sure that newborns of any species are cared for. If you hear their cries, then you become responsible for them if their mother isn’t around.

It’s so important for people to step up and at least reach out to a rescue team in these situations.

So when this family realized that six puppies were trapped in a dark, wet hole underneath their house they knew they had to call for some help.

This help came in the form of the Oklahoma City Fire Department, and they truly saved the day.

The puppies waited patiently as a firefighter climbed into the hole with them and carefully lifted them to safety, one by one.

When the puppies were all safe, they were wrapped in a blanket and even posed for some post-rescue photos with the fire department.

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