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Family Cleverly Uses A Drone Camera To Reveal Their Babys Gender


There are so many exciting moments that occur during a pregnancy. The best way to keep track of them is to film them!

In 2016, it is pretty common that everything we do is filmed, even little things tend to get filmed just for the sake of showing our loved ones. With social media as popular as it is, we’re all about sharing!

A fairly recentfilmed tradition is the gender reveal. A gender reveal can happen many different ways. The couple can be surprised by the gender, or the couple can surprise their family with the gender of the baby!

To celebrate the new additionto their family, Chris Fabregas and his family decided to creatively reveal the baby’s gender. Instead of just hosting a party with their friends, they sent out a video.

As popular as filming everything is, that has increased since the release of drone cameras. Using a drone, the Fabregas family was able to beautifully film a trip to the beach for this reveal.

The video shows some very scenic shots of southern Californiabefore the family makes it to the beach. Mom and Dad sit with their son, but then Dad unzips his jacket to show his special T-shirt. You can see in the video below how they revealed their baby’s gender, and make sure you keep a close eye on their hands!

If you enjoyed this, you will love theseparents-to-be finding out the genders of their triplets! Mom was not expecting this kind of reveal!

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