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Family Buries Their Beloved Dog, Then A Lawyer Destroys His Grave


The Benton family believes they are being bullied by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in the most disturbing way.

After ODOT released plans for a new highway that would run directly through their family-owned auto shop, Benton’s Service Center, they’ve been regularly harassed by ODOT attorneys.

Perhaps the most horrible manifestation of the bullying was in the destruction of a beloved family member’s grave. Dexter was a labrador mix, beloved member of the Benton family and the unofficial mascot for their business.

Everyone knew him, loved him, said 13-year-old Jackson Benton.

WhenDexterpassed away, they handcraftedawooden cross for his grave. However, two attorneys from ODOT completely destroyed the cross.

He just pushed it over and started kicking it around, Jackson said of the attorney. Then threw it about 5 to 10 feet.

Though it’s difficult to admit, government officials don’t always have our best interests in mind. Aretired couple wasnearly made homeless when their mobile home didn’t meet certain guidelines.

Don Benton, the auto shop’s owner and family father, didn’t see the act, but came out seconds after the ruckus.

We came out and asked them what they were doing, he said. They said it was ODOT property [and] ‘we can do anything we want to.’

While ODOT now has eminent domain over the highway, and thus the auto shop, the Benton family feels this all could have been handled with a little bit more grace.

We felt like weve been bullied through this whole process, said Don Benton. Its just another example of the way they do business, ya know.

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