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Bulldog Hysterically Tries To Find A Safe Spot On The Family Hammock


Sometimes you need one simple funny moment, to get you through a rough day.

I believe that this short video of this adorable bulldog could be just that for some of you.

Although he’s not doing much, his adorable face and repetitiveactions are hilarious. Plus, a bit relatable too.

Doesn’t it ever seem like there’s a constant up and down in your life, leaving you feeling as if finding your balance in the world is impossible? If so, this bulldog is physicallydealing with those feelings too.

Maybe you’ll decide you can’t specifically relate, but you can still appreciate his adorable dilemma.

As he tries to relax on his hammock in his backyard, his weight keeps throwing him around like a see-saw.

I can imagine his parents standing by laughing at this harmless confusion he’s going through it. But, honestly, he’s probably having more fun that frustration anyway!

He reminded me a bit of the little bulldog puppy that was amused just as much with a doorstop,as this one is with the hammock.

Dogs being naively entertained can sometimes be the best entertainment for us humans, who doesn’t love a cute smooshy face like this?I would love to be woken up by that little one too.

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