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Congratulations Big $$$ Raffle Winners!!


Congratulations to the 2016 Family of Woodstock Big $$$ Raffle Winners!!

1st prize $20,000 Jeff & Marci Joyce, Brooklyn, NY
2nd prize $5000 RM Williams, New Paltz
3rd prize $1000 Cheryl Brush Eisinger, New Paltz
4th prize $1000 Merle Cosgrove, Mt Tremper
5th prize $1000 Bruderhof Communities
6th prize $1000 Linda Bodner, Woodstock
7th prize $1000 Brinnier & Larios, Kingston
8th prize $200 Gayle Jamison, Woodstock
9th prize $200 Lawrence Badendyck, New Paltz
10th prize $200 Donn Critchell, Livingston
50/50 Raffle $172.50 Frederico Burges, Woodmere

And thank you to everyone who bought a ticket to support our services, and participated in the Narcan trainings this weekend at the O+ Festival. We are so grateful for your support.