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Mother Chains Young Son To Her Bike Because He Won’t Stop Running Away (Photos)



A struggling Chinese mother, frustrated with her son’s repeated attempts to run away from home, is under surveillance by social workers after using a metal chain to restrain her child.

Li Teng, a 39-year-old resident of Zhuhai, China, received a call from her local police department. An officer had interrupted Li’s 9-year-old son, Shao, after he’d tried to run away from home.

When Li tried to leave with Shao, the boy told officers that he wasn’t treated well at home. The mother convinced officers she would treat him fairly and took the boy away.

Minutes later, a pedestrian called police after seeing that Li had secured Shao with a thick metal chain wrapped around his waist.

As Li biked away, she held the other end and led Shao along as if he were an animal. The boy was holding on to a tree and crying, hoping to stop his mother from taking him home.

A tearful Li told the officer that this was the fifth time Shao had escaped. She was allegedly worried about him being hit by a car or getting lost, so she chained him.

Since the incident, social workers have been keeping close tabs on the family and working to get the single mother the financial support she needs.

Li puts a chain on Shao to keep him from running away.


He tries to avoid her by clinging to a tree.


She even tried to bike away, chain in hand.


via Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Europics

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