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Kylie And Kris Jenner Face Swapped And It Will Really Freak You Out


Kylie Jenner swapped faces with mom Kris Jenner and found it so weird — but possibly for different reasons than the rest of us.

If you or I face swapped with our parents, it’d undoubtedly be strange.

I look enough like my mother that her features wouldn’t seem totally out of place on my head, but it would also look a lot like some creature from a nightmare where I contemplate my mortality and the futility of attempting to escape becoming my parents.

Kylie and Kris, on the other hand, look so alike, due to either moderate plastic surgery ora deal with the antichrist, the weirdness of their face swap lies more in the lack of weirdness.

This just serves to validatea theory I shared two years ago on a now-defunct Web show for a media outlet we’ll discreetly call “Blosmo” in which I insisted the Kardashian/Jenner family wasactually just one woman and, like, seven different moving mirrors.

Essentially, if you boughta Kylie Lip Kit, there’s a chance you purchased it from the reflection of a cardboard cutout of a stock photo of a dark-haired woman.

DON’Tunderestimate the power of mirrors. Stay woke.

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