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Community Post: Scientific Proof That “Gravity” Will Be Amazing


1. Released in 1995

After “Speed” Sandra had us in her clutches. We loved her, and there was no getting out of it.

2. Also released in 1995

Do not even front, you know you love this movie. #RuthMarx

3. Released in 1996

Not her best, but if it’s on ABC Family you know you’ll watch it.

4. also released in 1996

Also known as “the time Sandra nailed John Grishman”

5. Released in 1998

She’s even awesome at casting spells. Like, seriously, what can’t she do?

6. Also released in 1998

If you watch this and don’t cry you like kicking puppies and hate America.

7. Released in 2000

2000 was around the time Sandra Bullock was crowned America’s Sweetheart for always being good at everything.

8. Also released in 2000

And then solidified America’s Sweetheart status with this gem. Rewatch it, she’s amazing.

9. Released in 2002

is anyone else still desperate for a sequel to this? Hello? “Two Weeks Notice, and Baby!”

10. Also released in 2002

I’m not saying I didn’t see this in the movie theaters four times.

11. Released in 2009

After a brief break, she’s back and better than ever.

12. Also released in 2009

2009 is remembered among many as “the year Sandra Bullock saved the economy from certain doom.”

13. Released in 2013.

By far the best comedy of 2013. Sandra Bullock is so amazing, she somehow makes us all forget that “All About Steve” even exists.

14. …and I just proved my point.

Enjoy “Gravity”.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/markbrosenberg/scientific-proof-that-gravity-will-be-amazing-99gg