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Angry Cat Is Determined To Destroy Guy Who Was Being A Complete D*ck (Video)


Last year, a family in Oregon was forced to call 911 after their notoriously ill-tempered cat essentially took them hostage inside a bedroom.

On the surface, the idea of police being called to take care of a cat seems fairly absurd, but anyone with that mentality is ignoring a very important point: Cats are evil, spiteful creatures whose main purpose in life is to feed off the blood of others.

To be fair, the cat isn’t the only one at fault in this video, but I’m convinced this is the feline equivalent of a guy who goes to the gym too much and stands around at a bar waiting for someone to look at him the wrong way.

The cat might have been provoked, but I’m pretty sure it would have found another excuse to unleash its furious wrath even if there hadn’t been any smothering with an oven mitt.

That’s just what cats do.

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