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27 Shows Every ’90s British Kid Will Remember


The days of PVA glue and spiders in the bath!

1. Rupert


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Rupert is a bear who wears a red sweater, bright yellow checked trousers and a matching yellow scarf in the beautiful village of Nutwood.

2. Rosie & Jim

Rosie & Jim

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The story of two rag dolls “chugging along on the old Ragdoll” equipped with a bag, a drawing book and a plastic duck.

3. Tots TV

Tots TV

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Ragdolls Tilly, Tom and Tiny go on adventures and teach kids French words along the way.

4. William’s Wish Wellingtons

William's Wish Wellingtons

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BBC show about William putting on magical boots that can take him anywhere he wants to go or anything he wants to have.

5. The Raccoons

The Raccoons

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Canadian animated television series followed a group of raccoons that went against the greedy aardvark Cyril Sneer. Pretty straight forward if you ask me!

6. ChuckleVision


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A British comedy television series focused around Barry and Paul Chuckle.

7. Home Farm Twins

Home Farm Twins

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Follows the adventures of twins Hannah and Helen around the local countryside in this series.

8. Albert The Fifth Musketeer

Albert The Fifth Musketeer

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Centres around the antics of Albert de Parmagnan, a new member of the Musketeers. The lady with the duck tattoo is the most memorable part.

9. Where’s Wally?

Where's Wally?

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Children everywhere have tried to find Wally (Waldo in North America) in books for years. This show only ran for one seasons but was the ultimate Saturday morning cartoon.

10. The Riddlers

The Riddlers

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Series surrounds two Riddlers (small, humanoid creatures) named Mossop and Tiddler who inhabit Marjorie’s garden. Pretty scary!

11. Rainbow


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Each episode revolved around a particular activity or situation that would arise in Rainbow House, where the main characters lived.

12. Spider!


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Follows the adventures of a spider, the protagonist, and a young boy. The stories were told through song. Most famous song is “Spider In The Bath”.

13. Art Attack

Art Attack

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Neil Buchanan hosted this art show allowing children to have step-to-step knowledge on how to create masterpieces. For years PVA glue must have been the number one thing parents bought their kids.

14. Grange Hill

Grange Hill

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Following the students of a fictional comprehensive school and their progress. It was essentially a TV soap for children and tackled tough topics such as bullying, racism, illiteracy and domestic violence.

15. Byker Grove

Byker Grove

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Set in a youth club in the Byker district of Newcastle upon Tyne, this show gave an insight look into the lives of Geordie teenagers. This show brought Ant & Dec together- what’s better than that?

16. Bernard’s Watch

Bernard's Watch

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This television show follows Bernard who has a magic watch that can stop time. The only twist is he’s not allowed to use it to commit crimes or hurt anyone (bit boring)!

17. Oakie Doke

Oakie Doke

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Follows Oakie Doke, a character who lived in an oak tree and wore an acorn on his head.

18. The Moomins

The Moomins

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Swedish-Finn show about a family of white, roundish fairy tale characters with large snouts that make them resemble hippopotamuses. There is a theme park called Moomin World in Naantali, Finland.

19. Babar


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Canadian/French/Japanese animated television series about a young elephant who undergoes many challenges and adventures.

20. Pingu


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This British-Swiss stop-motion clay-mated TV series centres on a family of penguins living in the South Pole with Pingu getting into trouble regularly.

21. Sooty & Co.

Sooty & Co.

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Matthew Corbett runs a shop in Manchester, with puppets Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Little Cousin Scampi.

22. Postman Pat

Postman Pat

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Pat Clifton, a friendly country postman, and his “black and white cat” Jess, delivers the post through the valley of Greendale.

23. The Queen’s Nose

The Queen's Nose

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A 10 year old girl who is given a 50p coin that grants her seven wishes.

24. The Demon Headmaster

The Demon Headmaster

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A strange being with the powers of hypnosis turns out to be the headmaster of a school where children are acting brainwashed.

25. The Animals Of Farthing Wood

The Animals Of Farthing Wood

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Follows the animals of Farthing Wood, who were forced to flee their homes after humans started destroying the wood in order to build houses.

26. Spywatch


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An educational look at World War II and part of the Look and Read series. Follows Norman Starkey in the modern day going back to the Shropshire village where he was evacuated to during the Second World War.

27. Noah’s Island

Noah's Island

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This series focuses on the adventures of a community of animals on a floating island that was originally part of the Canadian Coastline before being struck by a flaming meteorite. Their leader is a polar bear named Noah.

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