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23 WTF-Worthy Model Selfies


1. Georgia May Jagger

Captioned with typo: “LAMA SELFIE!”


“My makeup last night.” OMG Georgia, mine too!

3. Josh McLellan

“Hai guyz!! <(^_^)>”

4. Cara Delevingne

“Corkscrew me.”


Could her choice of hat really be a coincidence?

6. Chanel Iman

With Alexander Wang and a nosey pachyderm, because this is the sort of thing fashion people get up to at parties.

7. Karlie Kloss

Cute couple alert! Because this is what fashion people get up to at the MTV Video Music Awards.

8. Jourdan Dunn

“Mask time.” Although, really, that’s time enough. Moving on!

9. Joan Smalls

And moving on again.


Hopefully a “drunkstagram,” because Ke$ha doesn’t need competition in the beard fetishist stakes.

11. Lindsey Wixson

“So what’s up?” (And we’re back to creepy masks again, sigh.)

12. Chrissy Teigen

And other creepy facial things. Fake teeth, for example.


And real razors. This one’s caption reads: “In a very important meeting.” Chrissy loves a good “non-sequitur selfie,” you see.


Breast-bombing fellow Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk.

15. Liu Wen

Presented without comment. What’s there to say?!

16. Constance Jablonski

Not sure if this is a real animal or a foot stool. Questions, questions.

17. Sean O’Pry

Captioned: “Just another day with the family: Christmas and my cousin’s possum.” Sean just became my favorite male model.


“Cowboy Gary and I.” (Cowboy Gary is my second favorite male model.)

19. Behati Prinsloo

Do you think Behati and Chrissy share their gross/novelty teeth? Probably not, it wouldn’t be hygenic.


More feminine shade of pink: Behati’s glossy robe or the Bieb’s glossy lips?

21. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“Chilling with baby alligator.” NBD.

22. Robyn Lawley

Robyn didn’t caption this photo “Meow” so we’ll do so for her. “Meow.”

23. Naomi Campbell

A perfect awkward photo opportunity if ever there was one. (Not to mention a perfect awkward example of double denim done wrong.)

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